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Canoe and Kayak Rentals

Canoe, Kayak & Fishing Kayak Rentals

Canoeing and Kayaking are fun, affordable ways to enjoy the beautiful rivers of the Ozarks!  If you want to float the White, we can offer you an approximately 4-1/2, 8, or 14 mile trips starting up river and ending by the resort.

Canoe / Kayak FAQ
What kinds of canoes & kayaks do you have?  We have 12 ft. and 15 ft. composite canoes,  two standard 9 ft. SOT kayaks, and two larger/wider 9 ft. SOT kayaks, and 1 9ft. Fishing Kayak.

Where do we put in?  We put in at Wildcat Shoals, (4-1/2 miles up river), White Hole Public Access (8 miles up river), or the public ramp near Rivercliff (14 miles up river), depending on where you would like to go, and how long you would like to be out on the river.  One way shuttle service up river, paddles, and all safety gear is included in the price.

When do we leave?  White Hole or Rivercliff shuttle leaves at 9:00 AM, and we run one shuttle per day.  Wildcat Shoals shuttles are flexible, but can leave no later than 1:00 PM, to ensure you have adequate time to get back to the resort well before sunset.
How long does it take?  People take drastically different amounts of time from each of these points.  It depends on how much you stop to fish, eat or play, and how much you paddle, versus just floating with the current.  Without stopping and doing some paddling, with at least one generator of water, you can be back in less than 2 hours from Wildcat Shoals, 3 hours from White Hole, and 5 hours from the Rivercliff access.  However, most people do stop and fish, and take their time, so the average is more like 3 to 4 hours from Wildcat, 6 to 7 hours from White Hole, and 8 to 10 from the Rivercliff access.

How many persons can we put in a canoe?  Instead of limiting you to a maximum number of persons, we regulate by weight.  The 15 ft. canoes can have up to 500 lbs. persons plus gear, 400 with the 12 ft. canoes.  The kayaks are designed for one person, not to exceed 200 lbs for the smaller and 300 lbs. including gear for the larger.

What if the river is high?  We do not rent canoes or kayaks when the water is, or we expect it to be, over 10,000 cfs. 

What about fog, inclement weather or cold temperatures?  The reason we don’t leave until 9:00 AM is to ensure we’re not putting you into the water in heavy fog.  Boats can’t see you, and you can’t move fast enough…  We may, at our discretion, delay you or decline to take you if we feel that you’d be in danger from fog or lightning, for example.  We typically do not rent canoes or kayaks when the daily temperature is below 65° either, because the river is so cold you could risk hypothermia if you fell in.

Can we reserve them ahead of time? If you are staying with us, yes, and it is recommended.  For walk in guests, please understand that because of limited availability, we give our lodging customers priority.  We will typically know the night before, but sometimes not until around 8:00 am. the morning of the trip(s).

Do you do any down river pickups?  No, we put in up river only, so you can take your time and end your trip at the resort at your own pace, we just ask that you try to be back an hour before sunset so we can be sure you’re safe before it gets dark.  However, you may rent canoes or kayaks with No Shuttle Service, as long as you have vehicles suitable for transporting them, and then put in and take out where you wish on the White River.

Can we put in on the Buffalo River with your canoes?  No.  His Place Resort does not have a Buffalo River Concessionaire’s License, but if you’d like to float the Buffalo, we have recommendations for you.