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Boat & Equipment Rentals

John Boat & Motor Rental on the White River

His Place Resort has its own private boat dock and offers John boat & motor rentals on the White River. Half day and full day john boat rentals available. Half day rentals are 4 hours, and full day rentals are 8 hours or more.

John Boats are long and flat bottomed which make them perfectly suited to negotiate the rocky flats and shoals of the White River, a great way to enjoy your White River trout fishing or just enjoy the scenery of the Arkansas Ozarks.

John Boat Rental FAQ

Why should you rent your john boat on the White River from us? Our john boats are wider 42" models that are more comfortable, safer, and typically draft shallower and have better livewells than the older style boats available for rent elsewhere.

Additionally, we continue to upgrade our motors. We have now changed over from Mercury to new Yamaha 9.9 4-strokes. Most of our motors are only 2-3 years old or newer - something to keep in mind when you're comparison shopping... Do some checking! Do you want a 15+ year old motor on your john boat rental?

What comes with a john boat rental? Padded seats, life vests, dip net, paddles, throw cushion, mesh trash bag & anchors. Drag chains are not allowed. Fuel is included with 1st tank free. If you do need more, or are purchasing for your own motor, current fuel prices are posted in the tackle shop.

How many people can I get into a john boat? Instead of strictly limiting the number of persons you can put in a john boat, we regulate more by weight. A maximum of 750 lbs., persons plus gear, is allowed per boat, but still we will limit the number of persons to a maximum of 4, 5 if there are small children.  The front deck of the boat is NOT considered proper seating.

Do I need to reserve my john boat ahead of time? Many customers who haven't visited the White River before want to know if they should reserve their john boats when they make their reservations for lodging. This is of course, entirely up to you, as you may rent them upon arrival if you wish.

John boat rental customers typically fall into 2 categories; those who will take their john boats out regardless of the water being up or down, and those who would want to cancel their john boat rental if they can wade either here or nearby.

For the customers that fall into the first category, yes, by all means, reserve your john boat & motor when you make your reservation to ensure availability. For those who fall into the second category, keep an eye on the water conditions, and call me occasionally as your arrival date gets closer, as I can tell you how many boats we have left. This way, we can work closely with you to ensure you don't lose out on a john boat rental, but at the same time not commit to a boat that you may not need. 

How early can I take out the john boat on the White River? As early as 7:30, assuming it's daylight, and it's not too foggy. Additionally, you must be back to the dock one hour before sunset or 5 PM, whichever is earlier.

Do you rent john boats to customers not staying at the resort? Yes, we are happy to, with the exception of holidays, where we typically hold john boats for resort guests. However, please understand that if you are not staying with us, we cannot reserve a boat for you ahead of time. We have a limited number of boats, therefore our guests are afforded the first opportunity to rent them. We often know what the availability will be the night before, but sometimes not until 8:00 am or even a little later on the day of the rental(s).

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