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Where do I see more info on the different Lodges you offer?

We have separate lodging pages with specific info & photo galleries on Lodges 1 – 4 (the 4-plex), Lodges 5 – 6 (the triplex), and a separate page for each of Lodges 8, 9, 101112 (the stand-alone lodges.) 

Can I Book my Reservation Online?

Yes, you can now Book your reservations online, any time night or day! For additions or changes of any kind, you must call us at 866-435-6535 and we'll be happy to assist you.

What do I need to bring?

Not too much, really. Personal toiletry items like shampoo, conditioner, etc. (facial/body soap, bathroom trash bags & TP are provided), blow dryers, and of course, your season-appropriate clothing. For the kitchen, we provide coffee pots & filters, complementary coffee, tin foil, kitchen trash bags and paper towels. For seasoning, we do provide salt & pepper, but if there are special spices you like to cook with, you may want to bring those. You may want to bring cooking oil & fish fry mix, although you can get that locally. We have charcoal grills here, with charcoal & lighter fluid available for sale in the tackle shop, but you could bring that if you wanted to.

The only other thing to consider is if you're bringing more people than there are beds, as we have removed all sleeper sofas and roll-aways.  Bring an air mattress and we'll happily provide linens for you!

Can I get groceries locally, or do I need to bring all our food?

No, you do not have to bring all your food, as most folks consider that a hassle... There’s a small local grocery 2 miles away in Gassville, a Wal Mart Super Center in Flippin, 6 miles away, and an even larger Wal Mart Super Center in Mountain Home, about 12 miles away. Additionally, we reside in Baxter County, a “wet” county, and there is a liquor store at the top of the hill.

What about fresh towels, maid service, etc.?

We typically do not enter your lodging on shorter visits, say 3 nights or less. For longer visits, housekeeping comes in after the 3rd night to change out towels and/or sheets if you wish, vacuum, touch-up and re-stock anything you might be short of; these services are already included in the price of your lodging. Housekeeping staff also comes every morning to empty the outside trash containers. (Additional trash bags are folded over the side of all inside trash cans. When you lift out your trash bag, the clean ones will be hanging right there.) Housekeeping will also clean your charcoal grills each morning.

All lodges have brooms/dust pans, and a rag drawer for messes... after all, we are on the river and sometimes things can get a little muddy! On longer visits, housekeeping may enter your lodging to change out towels/sheets and re-stock you if you’re not around, but we always try to do this at convenient times for you. Additionally, we try not to make much outside noise too early, in case you’re trying to sleep in.

If you would like additional service before the third night, or daily maid service, such as someone to come in, clean your kitchen, make beds, vacuum, etc., we can provide that for a small additional fee. Just call us, tell us how much additional service you desire, when & how often, and we’ll quote you a price.

When is Quiet Time?

10:00 PM.

What if I need something after the office is closed?

No problem. Steve & I live here on the property. Just come over to the tackle shop and knock on the red man door to the left. We live in the back of the office house. Waking us up is not a big deal! If you need something, come over!!!

What if I’m going to be checking in after the office is closed?

No problem. We leave a sign with your name on it taped to the office door, pointing you to your lodging. Then, there will be another sign taped to your door with your name on it. The lights will be on, the door will be unlocked, and there will be sign-in sheets on the kitchen table. Just bring those over to us in the morning, and we’ll give you the key. But once again, if you have any trouble or need anything, just come bang on the door and we’ll be happy to help you!

Do you have wireless internet in your lodging? What about TV?

The phone company remotely manages our fiber optic WIFI system with 24/7 Tech support.  We now have excellent WIFI coverage in all lodging, and offer both Free and Premium WIFI. This installation allowed us to add Roku internet TV's with Sling TV throughout the resort.  Stream your own content from home if you subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video or AT&T TV now. Just login with your own credentials.

Will my cell phone work here?

It depends on your carrier, but probably not too well. Verizon is the only one that works fairly well, and if you come over near the tackle shop, I have installed a Verizon Network extender that your Verizon phone will automatically detect and connect to - giving you 5 bars. AT&T will probably only work outside with an unobstructed southerly view (nearest tower). If you need to make a call and can’t get out, I almost always have extra minutes on my phone – just come over and I’ll be happy to let you use it.

Do you have on-site laundry facilities?

At this time, only Lodge 12 has a washer & dryer. However, if housekeeping is not backed up, we will do your laundry for $8/load - washed, dried, folded and returned to your room. If you want to do your own, there are local Laundromats within 10 minutes of the resort. Swing by the office and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Enjoy your stay -- Steve & Julie