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Fishing report at His Place Resort

Hello everyone!

Well, the water has still been running about the same as it has been for the last several weeks, except for the afternoon rise; that spike has been significantly higher. A couple of people have nearly been caught in it, so you really need to be careful later in the day!

This means that there's still been good wading water during the day.  Boaters need to be 1.) experienced and 2.) SUPER careful when navigating the shallow water.

For the fly fishers, olive woolly buggers, darker hoppers, and some bead head midges are the still producing. 

For the spin fishers, standard river rigs with 1/8th oz weights with the Berkley pink/white micetails are still working well, and so is just plain bright orange powerbait with shrimp.  Try the smaller Blue Foxes as well. 

Come on out and see us!

- your White River Trout Diva