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9/26/19 Fishing & Water Level report

Hello, everyone!

Well, the fishing has been very good; you can see photos on our Facebook page...  :-) The high water, although maybe not loved so much by our wade-fishing guests, is in fact very good for the fish and the river. 

River Levels - So, the Pool forecast (which is an estimate by the Corps when the lakes will hit their target level), shows Bull Shoals Lake hitting pool on October 15.  All other things being equal, when a lake is at target level, and the weather is relatively mild, is when they'd likely run much lower flows. 

That date is honestly a little puzzling to me, because we're only 5 ft over pool now and they're dropping it a half foot a day running around 16,000 cfs round the clock...  So it can only mean 1.) they're going to ramp down the water flow significantly before then, and drain it more slowly, or 2.) it's just wrong.  Either is a possibility, LOLOL.  As our President often says, "We'll see..."

Anyway, for our wade fishers, probably not too long to wait for your lower water.

FISHING - So, what's working?  For bait/spin fishers - River rigs, #8 sinkers, pink/white head mousetails. Some are still using shrimp, and it's really been working all year. 

Several nice browns have been caught on... drum roll, please... Nightcrawlers.  Yup.  Nothing special.  Some people think Browns won't hit worms, but...  yeah, they do. LOLOL 

For the fly-fishers, big streamers (big woollies, sculpin patterns and the like) seem to be the best bet.

Come see us and get some Fall Trout Fishing in!