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11/1/2019 Fishing & River Level Report


White River Trout Diva here with your latest fishing & river level report.  Let's start with the River level, as I told you that by now, I'd expected it to drop...

Well, it hasn't.  With a couple of fluctuations, (and 3500 cfs from the conduit), the levels really haven't changed much.  I still expect it to be much lower overall as soon as they hit seasonal pool (659 ft above sea level at this time of year), and today we're at 652. (that's actually up about a foot.)  Yes, we've had a wet October over enough of the region it brought the chain of lakes' levels up...  Branson recently got quite a bit of rain.  Currently, the pool forecast has been bumped out to Nov 22. 

So, those of you wanting to wade fish, it's going to be a couple more weeks, it looks like; but we'll let you know if anything changes drastically.  In the mean time - about 12,000 to 14,000 cfs.  (that's about 4 *full* generators consistently - we have 8.)

And now the fishing report!  Well, the fish like this consistent higher water flow, and the fishing has been great!

Check out our FB page - I have more pictures to post today, too.  :-)

Spin fishers - the basics...  redworms, nightcrawlers, pink/white micetails fished on river rigs (#8 from the shore, #9 from a boat is working nicely.)  Folks are also using powerbait and a little shrimp as well.

Fly fishers - having the best luck from a boat, using streamers - larger olive or olive/pumpkin or olive/black woolly buggers, sculpin patterns, etc.

The fall foliage is finally starting to come on this week - lots of pretty maples on the side roads around here...  Come see us!

-your White River Trout Diva