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12/16/2019 Fishing Report

Hello everyone!

Well, we thought we were going to get some lower water, but what we have now is more.  As of December 1, the Corps can run water to the point where the gauge at Newport doesn't exceed 21' (as opposed to 12' previously).

So we've been running the equivalent of 8 full generators, with some of that water being from the spill gates, around 26,400.  It even went up above that some this last week to around 32,000 for awhile.

Probably the nicest rainbow I've seen all year was caught on one of my guided fishing trips on Dec 11.  8 lb rainbow, successfully released!!!

I wish I could tell you it was something exotic that made him bite, but it was just... drumroll, please - some shrimp, dragging on a river rig... LOLOL.  There was also a nice brown caught by some of our boat rental guests that you can see on our Facebook page, too.

Anyway, your tactics definitely have to change with the water up.  It's tempting to just try to find slack water and creek inlets, etc.  And that will produce some fish, but if you concentrate on methodically drift-fishing an area, you'll have some good fish on!

I haven't got enough info on what's really working for flies this week, so I'm not going to comment on that, but I have seen a couple of drift boats tight to the shore... which makes sense because those smaller fish are going after all the fresh worms and the larger fish are going after them!

Anyway, come see us and try to get one of these!  :-)

Your White River Trout Diva