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Forrest Wood - will be sorely missed

For those that have not heard...  We lost a true Family Man, Statesman, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Conservationist and Advocate for the White River with the passing of Forrest Lee Wood. (Founder of Ranger boats / FLW Bass Tournament, etc.)

Over the 18+ years I've been here, I've been blessed to know Forrest and work with him on several projects regarding the White River system, and even get his take on life and hear firsthand his and Nina's story.  He was truly an amazing man.  Steve first met him nearly 40 years ago when he was fishing bass tournaments.

Other than my own father and husband, I don't believe I've ever met a better man.  Our lives are forever changed because of him, and will never be quite the same without him.

His Place Resort will be closed 1/29/2020 in his memory.  I'll be too busy bawling my eyes out...

-your White River Trout Diva