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Covid-19 changes to our operation

Hello, everyone!

Yes, we are fully open to both in state and out of state customers, but there have been some temporary changes to our operations I'd like to outline here.  It's a really tough time to be a hugger like me!!!

  • Contactless Checkin - we are currently putting signs up directing people to their lodging so they don't have to check in at the office if they don't want to.  Just drop off the sign in sheets outside the office at your convenience.
  • Canoe/kayak rentals & any type of shuttle service are currently not offered at this time - because it involves putting customers and employees in an enclosed van or other vehicle.
  • Tent Camping - not currently offered due to the increased traffic in our public restrooms.
  • Tackle shop - trying to keep it to 2 customers inside at a time to attempt to maintain that 6 ft social distance.
  • No Lunches for Guided Fishing Trips - even though we send you out with food from a local deli, it is one more person in some kind of contact with your food. (Soda/water still supplied at no charge.)
  • Cookies - I'm sorry, but no cookies for you on arrival at this time...  :-(

Further, if you'd like to see the actual chemicals we use to clean, we'd be happy to go over those things with you upon arrival