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Death of Sleeper Sofas & Rollaways...

Hello again!

Just wanted to update you on some changes we've implemented.  We made Sleep Quality a big priority this season, and if you haven't already heard, we have purchased all new mattresses and box spring sets in all the lodges!

Which brings us to...  Sleeper sofas and roll-away beds.

Let's face it - They're uncomfortable no matter how much money we spend on them.  You'll get a terrible night's sleep, and be unhappy about it, and we don't blame you.

So, we got rid of them... Sleeper sofas have been removed, and roll away beds are no longer provided for extra persons.

So, what to do if you bring more people than there are beds???

Other than get a larger lodge with more beds, many of you have already been bringing blowup air mattresses when you have extra people.  This is definitely the way to go, as they're surprisingly comfortable! 

Just let us know what size air mattress you'll be bringing, and we will be happy to provide you with pillows and linens at no charge. (A twin blowup mattress is the largest you'll have room for in Lodges 1-6, but a Full or possibly even a Queen will work in 8-12.)

We hope that everything we're doing to improve your sleep quality will make your stay more enjoyable.  Please call with any questions.  We look forward to serving you!!! :-)