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Fishing Report 8/29/2018

Hello, everyone! White River Trout Diva here with a new fishing report on the new website! Conditions have remained fairly constant. We're still about 4' below pool, and SWPA has been selling some power in the afternoon. For the most part over the last 7 days, the afternoon surges they do run don't hit us until late afternoon. This means there continues to be good wade access for most of the day, and all other things being equal, I don't expect it to change any time soon. For Spin fishers, redworms, Berkley micetails in Pink/White head on standard river rigs with 1/8 oz sinkers are workin well. Smaller Blue Fox and Colorado spinners are working well, too. For Fly fishers, not much has changed either. Small, non-weighted, olive woolly buggers, and hoppers with midge droppers are working as well, and we have them here! Hope to see you soon! -Your White River Trout Diva